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Amman Digital Challenge

23 October 14:30 to
6 November 18:00

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The FIA Rally Star Selection Program is now live in Jordan, starting off with the Digital Challenge! 

This challenge is open only for Jordanian ID/passports holders and must be 18 - 26 years old. This event will run in compliance with the FIA Rally Star Sporting regulations,  please read and download the Sporting Regulations attached below before registering. Any changes/modifications to the Sporting Regulations will be announced only by numbered and dated bulletins.

Only the top candidates will be able to qualify for the Slalom Challenge (This depends on the number of registered candidates) more information will be released soon. 


31.97516, 35.8429

248 شارع مكة المكرمة
عمان 11831


  • Candidates must be holders of a Jordanian ID/Passport
  • Candidates must be at least 18 and at most 26 years old
  • A driver's license is required to participate in the Digital Challenge
  • Holders of Rally and/or Speed Test Competition Licenses are allowed to participate given: (a) They had their license for no more than 2 years. (b) They did not participate in more than 10 events. (c) They never won a national championship
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